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Autumn 2

Friday 17th December 2021


Hi Year 2, can you believe it's the last day of term. I wish we were spending it together having fun. Happy birthday Mike- we hope you have a great day!


Here are today's activities. Enjoy them and then have a super Christmas break.




Click on the link for the igh sound. Follow the steps, to begin with listen to the words and look at the pictures to help then listen to the words and select the word with the igh sound. As a challenge you could write some of the words with the igh sound that you hear. 



Today we are going to practise our doubles using the hit the button game. First, listen to our 2 times table song then click on the Hit the Button link below and choose Doubles, then Doubles to 10. For a challenge choose Doubles from 5 to 15.




Your body should be getting used to stretching from the last 2 days. Enjoy this yoga adventure with Jamie about Elsa.

Guided Reading


We have read The Snowman so today we would like you to listen to The Snowman and the Snowdog. Once you have listened to it go and tell someone in your house what the story was about and whether you liked it better than The Snowman or not and why. Can you think of 2 reasons?



Design your own Snowdog!


Snowdog design

Happy Christmas and well done for all of your hard work this term. See you in 2022!!

Mrs Brice and Mrs Telford x

Thursday 16th December 2021


Good Morning Year 2,

Unfortunately another day of home learning. I hope you enjoyed doing the activities yesterday.

Only 9 more sleeps until Christmas, if you have an advent calendar I wonder what you got when you opened the door this morning- I got a chocolate star!


Follow the links again below to access your work for today. I look forward to seeing how you got on when we get back to school.




Click on the link above. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper for this activity. Otherwise, you can Fred talk your answer! Each word has the first sound missing. Click on the picture to hear the word. Choose the set of special friends that completes the word and then on your paper write the word. e.g. The first word is __ip, clicking on the picture you hear the sound 'sh' write the word ship.  Repeat for each of the other words.


Guided Reading


We have watched The Snowman already and looked at poems about snowmen and Winter. Listen to the story of The Snowman by clicking the link below and then answer the RIC questions.





RIC questions about The Snowman



Continuing with our topic of money. Todays activity is to recognise and sort coins of different value. choose the sorting label and choose 2 coins. Sort the coins correctly into their boxes. Once you have completed that click on the ordering label and choose the 1p-20p, then try 1p-50p and finally Any 6 coins. 


Today follow Jamie on a special Christmas adventure in the snow. You will feel calm and relaxed after all of your deep breaths!



We have learned a lot about the lifecycle of humans and the essential 3 things they need to survive. Can you remember what they are?? Today you are going to learn about the importance of a healthy diet. Look at the PPT below then have fun designing a healthy meal with snacks and a drink.  

A healthy balanced meal

Enjoy your Thursday and we will be back on tomorrow with more activities for you to do!


Mrs Brice and Mrs Telford


Wednesday 15th December 2021


Hi Year 2,

We are sorry that you are not in school again today as it would be our Christmas party day. Perhaps you can get dressed up at home and practise your dance moves to some Christmassy music!

I have added some links below to activities that you can try throughout the day.



On Phonics Play choose Phase 3 and click on Picnic on Pluto. Select Phase 3 and press the start button. Choose Phase 3 again and pick a sound to revise e.g. 'ur'. Decide if the words are real or fake. You can repeat the activity for different sounds if you would like.



We have come to the end of our addition and subtraction unit in maths. In the new year we will start to learn about money so here is a game to choose coins that add up to the amount needed to buy a toy. Have a go and see how you get on.

Click on the 'mixed coins' label and select up to 20p. Choose the coins needed to pay for the toy.



We all love doing yoga and thinking about our wellbeing so grab a water bottle and take part in Jamie's magical  adventure with Joybob the polar bear!




Here is the story of how Rudolph became such a famous reindeer. Enjoy!


Check back tomorrow


From Mrs Brice and Mrs Telford




Hi everyone, 

We're really sorry that we can't be in school with you today but we have not ho water or heating.  Eddie the elf says that it's too cold for us to be in.


I hope he's not making a mess of the classrooms!!!  


Check out the links for games and activities that you can do on your phones, tablets and computers.


Check back tomorrow for some more things to do.

Maths Magic - Adding 3 numbers





It's all go this week in Year 2.

We've finshed alot of our topics like the Great Fire of London, your child should have brought home their book that they can keep. 

We finished our music lesson this week with a performance of the song that we have been learning on Charanga, called Ho Ho Ho! 

Adding 3 digits

This half term we will be having PE on a Wednesday afternoon.  Please send your children into school in sensible footwear.


Our theme this term is 'dance' and making our own groovy moves!  smiley


This week we have been learning all about the religious festival of Hanukkah in our R.E. lesson. We sequenced the story and learned about the importance of this festival to Jews. 



This week we have had lots of fun in Maths doing practical work using base 10. We have also been counting forwards and backwards and exercising to music in our starters. Click on the links below to join in with some of our favourites!



We have had a very exciting day today as our friends from Byker Fire Station came to visit us in their fire truck. We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London this half term so it was an amazing way to end our topic. The showed us some tools and equipment, let us squirt water out of the hose and told us what to do if there was a fire. I'm sure you will agree from our faces in the pictures that we had a fantastic morning!

Fun with the Fire fighters!