Byker Primary School

Autumn 2

Friday 3rd December 

The children have been reading a story called Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman. We have then been learning how to re-tell the story off my heart by writing a story map and adding in lots of actions.  The children were so fantastic at their story ending that we had to film them! Well done Year One!

The ending of our story map.

Still image for this video

Wednesday 24th November 


The children have had great fun in maths this week learning about 3D shapes!  We have built 3D shape towers and described the layers to our partner, been out in the school court yard spotting real life 3D objects and we have sorted the shapes into different categories. Our ability to name and recognise 3D shapes has really begin to stick.  Perhaps you could help at home by spotting shapes on your way to school. Watch this video below to practice the shape names. 

3D Shapes - BBC Bitesize Maths

3D shapes are not flat shapes, they are solid shapes like a football or an ice cube.Can you make yourself into a 3D shape?

Naming and recognising 3D Shapes

Friday 19th November

Our children took part in a Diwali dance work this week. They were fantastic at listening to the dance teacher and learning the routine. Well done Year One!

Wednesday 10th November 

This term our topic is India and we have begun by reading the story One World Together. We have added the link below if you would like to listen to it again at home. 

In the past week we have been learning about India's geography, culture and the buddist faith. Two of our favourite activities have included tasting India food and Indian dance with Mr Danquah in P.E.  The children have had lots of fun and were able to describe the foods they tasted as well as their likes and dislikes.  Some of the children even asked for more they thought it was so delicious!   

One World Together | Everyone's Welcome in the CBeebies House

To watch more CBeebies visit -'s Welcome in the CBeebies House.Ben has a message for you from our house to yours.Ca...

Wednesday 3rd November

Last term,  we went on a trip to the Quayside as part of our art lessons. Firstly, walked along the Newcastle Quayside and then we sat on the Millenium Bridge so we could draw a field sketch of the Tyne Bridge. After that, we went up the the viewing platform in the Baltic art gallery and then drew another field sketch of the Baltic. We had a great afternoon!

Our Trip to the Quayside

Friday 29th October 

We had a fantastic spooky day on the last day of half term. We read some scary stories, did some frightening maths problems, drew some super pictures and played lots of games!