Byker Primary School

Autumn 2

Week beginning 29.11.21


Pre-school was turned into an exploration area this week as the children went on a bear hunt. 

A box was delivered to Pre-school with some clues on it. We talked about the clues and found 'The Bear Hunt' book when we opened the box. The children were so excited and some of them knew the words to the story so joined in as I read the story. 


The children created lovely story maps to link to the story and added lots of different materials and textures to their maps. The children were practising using their cutting skills to help cut the pieces for their own maps. We are very impressed with the children. 


I created a small world area for the class and they used the people and animals to move through the scene. We had snow and ice, water and sand as well as leaves for the trees. 


We received a letter from Santa this week after he left a big advent calendar for us. He asked if we had written our letters to Santa and said he couldn't wait to read them. 


One morning this week, the children arrived to find it had snowed in our garden. We watched as Andy, our caretaker put some salt down to make it safe and then we went to explore. We made footprints in the snow and practised throwing snowballs at the wall. We explored the ice which had frozen on the tuff tray and used tools to break it. It was melting in our hands. 


What a fun week we have had this week. 


Mrs Bays 

Week beginning 22.11.2021


This week in Pre-school, the children have been reading 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. They talked about how they would feel if a tiger came to tea. Some said they would be scared and some said they would be his friend. We have also been talking about our emotions and what makes us feel happy, sad, angry or scared. 


We have used our fine motor skills to make our own sandwiches for the tiger this week by following instructions using our tools properly. The children were very good at spreading their jam onto their bread with a knife and then folded their sandwich in half before enjoying them during snack time.


During our circle time, the children were able to identify the large and small tigers and objects and sort them into groups. We then compared them. Using our metre sticks we measured classroom objects to see which were tall or short. They decided that Karen was tall but the chairs were small. The toy cars were short but Mrs Bays was tall. We then measured each of the children against the wall to see who was the tallest. Victoria is tallest and Anne is the smallest. 


Mrs Bays 

Week beginning 15.11.2021



What a lovely week we have had in Pre-school. The children have been reading a book called 'Quiet'. Mammy and Daddy lion are trying to stop the jungle animals from waking the baby. 


We made some wonderful lion creations in Pre-school this week using lots of stickers, glue, tissue paper and googly eyes. The children made their own choices in how they wanted their lion to look! They are very independent here in Pre-school. 


We went searching through the jungle in our Yoga session this week and acted out the different ways in which the animals move and then we went on a lion hunt and the children were very brave during this even when we found a lion in the cave! 


The children have been mark making this week and writing their own labels and drawings for various items in Pre-school! 


On Friday the children learned about Pudsey bear and we talked about the importance of helping others and being a kind person. The children decorated biscuits with different spots to match Pudseys patch. They also painted using their fingers to add spots to pudsey bear. What a spotty day we had. I loved seeing the children in their spotty pudsey outfits! 


Some of the children had a trip to see Mrs Pace in the library this week. She showed us where the books lived and even gave us some for our classroom, thank you Mrs Pace. In Pre-school, we are encouraging the children to try and freely choose books and talk about what is happening. Maybe you could do this at home too. We will be starting a borrow box of books so each week you can take a book home with an activity sheet and some questions to help develop the children's reading skills. We would love to see some wonderful pictures of you sharing stories with your children. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


Mrs Bays 

Week beginning 8.11.2021


This week Pre-school have been learning all about teeth this week following our story, Alans Big Scary Teeth. The children really seemed to enjoy this and were very excited to see our role play area had been turned into a dentist surgery. The children used the area to look at their own teeth in the mirrors and also their friends teeth. They took care of their dolls teeth too. During our circle time activity, we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods which are good for our teeth and which aren't. Our maths activity involved us counting the teeth and matching the correct number to the picture. 


We got to meet Charlie Myers this week. He is a GB pole vaulter and the children thought he was very tall. He was showing Mr Danquah how to pole vault and told us you have to be very strong to bend the pole to jump with. 


We have been practising using our gross and fine motor skills this week too by using playdough, threading and drawing big and small circles on our giant pieces of paper as well as cleaning teeth which were covered in sand with toothbrushes. 


After last week the children requested to make playdough again and were able to remember how to do it and remembered the names of some of the ingredients. What clever children we have. 


Angela has been introducing the children to new songs too and taught them 'ten green bottles' The children helped Angela to make their own ten green bottles where they painted the bottles with green paint and glitter and we will use them when we sing the song as props.


Our newsletter which was sent out suggested that you create something from junk as a family. If you have done this, we would love you to send them in to see and share as a class.


Mrs Bays   




Week beginning 1.11.21


This week the children have been looking at 'Monkey Puzzle' for our class text. Following the story, the children made their own butterflies in Pre-school using tissue paper and a laminating pouch. The children enjoyed seeing how it changed going through the laminator. 

The children helped Emma to make their own playdough this week too. They looked at the ingredients together and then took turns adding different ingredients and talked about how it was changing as they did this. They used the playdough to then make some of the animals from our story. 


For our maths activity this week, we looked at different patterns and then the children used picture cards to create their own patterns. They were very good at identifying the animals and talked about them from the story.  


Our weekly P.E. session saw the children turning into animals as we walked through the jungle with cosmic yoga. The children are very flexible and were very good at completing the various animal poses. 


We celebrated Bonfire night this week too in Pre-school. The children learnt about Guy Fawkes during our circle time and then we used ribbons to dance to music to be sparklers and fireworks shooting through the sky. The children seemed to love this and kept asking to do it again and again. We also created fireworks on the craft table and made our very own edible sparklers using breadsticks, icing and sprinkles. 


Have a great weekend! Why not send us some pictures on tapestry of what your child has been up to this weekend. 


Mrs Bays