Byker Primary School

Autumn 2

W/B: Monday 29th November 2021

This week has been an extremely exciting week in Nursery. We have enjoyed being festive, putting up the Christmas tree and enjoying delicious hot chocolate after! We have also loved exploring the snow and seeing how it changed throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who supplied hats, scarves and appropriate footwear for the cold weather.


This week we have continued delving into our story ‘Whatever Next’ and studying space. We have blasted off to space and visited all the planets in our rocket together. Our focus this week in maths has been positional language. We have also been practicing writing our name on rockets and seeing which words rhyme. Why not have a go at seeing what rhymes in your house. E.g bed and head, leg and peg.

W/B: Monday 22nd November 2021


This week in Nursery has been so much fun! We have been reading ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy, hearing all about the amazing adventure Baby Bear had to the Moon. We have been learning about the different planets in Space and singing along to our new Space song. We have also been making rockets on the creative table using a range of different materials, learning how to draw teddy bears on our writing table and counting from 1-10 using our number rockets in our Maths area. We have even had the opportunity to discuss healthy and    unhealthy food once we saw Baby Bear had taken a picnic to the moon with lots of different food.

          We have also been excited this week as we have been able to see the Moon outside during the day. This enabled us to discuss all about day and night and the different animals we can see outside during night time. We even got to see a Hedgehog on a night vision camera, that was taken from Mrs  Richard’s Dad’s back garden, how amazing!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video


W/B: Monday 16th November


This week in Nursery, we have been exploring colours and what happens when we mix different colours together, fishing in the water tray and experimenting with magnets to investigate which materials are magnetic and which are not.

We have also enjoyed making marks on paper and playing with the animals in the small world area and our absolute favourite has been playing hairdressers in the role play corner!

We also took part in ‘Odd Sock Day’ by wearing lots of different silly odd socks and enjoyed participating in some Children in Need arts and crafts too.


W/B: Monday 8th November


Wow, what a busy time we have had in Nursery this week. We have been making predictions about our new text ‘Not a Box’ written by Antoinette Portis. We have been exploring size and using the language big and small as well as short and tall. We even pretended to be rockets using our bodies and built rockets using building blocks of different heights to help us understand the concept of size.

Furthermore, we have been practising our cutting skills using scissors to make snips in paper and using musical instruments to express how we feel. Finally, we have enjoyed washing the baby dolls in the water tray and learning how to dress and care for them.


Please remember to sign up to a time slot for parents evening on the poster situated on the Nursery door entrance/exit.



Monday 15th November
Anti-Bullying Week- Odd socks Day

To show our support for anti- bullying, we are celebrating all of our differences and uniqueness by wearing odd socks. It's great to be different and an individual! Your child is encouraged to wear odd socks, on Monday, to celebrate their individuality.

Friday 19th November
Children in Need

Next Friday is Children in Need and so we are allowing children to wear something related to children in need for this day. Non uniform/ uniform is also fine. If anyone would like to donate anything to the charity, please click on the link provided and donate.


W/B: Monday 1st November


Welcome back to all our children, parents and carers, we hope you had a restful half term and enjoyed the Halloween celebrations. We are happy to start off an exciting term ahead!

This week our exciting theme and mini topic has been BONFIRE NIGHT!  During this time we have been learning all about Bonfire night and fire safety.

We have been getting creative and hands on making firework pictures and rockets, scooping pumpkins and having our very own bonfire stall. Using our small world fire station, we have rescued people and made marks in sparkles to develop our fine motor skills. These have been some of the wonderful things we have enjoyed this week.


During our focus groups we have been exploring 2D shapes, creating fantastic shape rockets. We have been following instructions to make chocolate finger sparklers! They tasted delicious. As well as this we have explored musical instruments and what sounds fireworks would make.


Take a look at what we have been learning below. 

We hope you enjoy Bonfire night and look forward to hearing about it next week.