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Autumn 1

Week 4 - 26th  - 30th September

There has been lots of fun and hard work this week. 

In English we have been writing an exciting new quest for Beowulf to go on, some had a disgusting wyrm whilst others had a terrifying Kraven! We've had some fantastic descriptions and super speech throughout! I'm glad it was Beowulf facing these monsters and not me.

In maths we have still been learning about decimals. It's taking a long time but we have been so impressed with the effort year 5 have been putting in and we are making leaps and bounds of progress! Ask about tenths and hundredths.

In topic we have been doing water colour paintings of the angel of the north and learning more about the vicious vikings in history. In science this week, we have been exploring more about MRS GREN and whether something is dead, alive or has never been alive.

Finally, we finished off our week by exploring some of the languages that we speak in our classroom. There were loads! We decided to pick some positive words and phrases and translate them into different languages to make our own posters that everyone can understand!

Have a lovely weekend Year 5.

Week 3 - 20th - 23rd September

This week in year 5 we have been very busy and active in both maths and English as well as across our topics!

In maths we have been sorting and ordering decimals with hundredths, using counters on giant hundred squares to try and win the game. 

As well as this in English we have been brushing off our acting skills and stepping into the famous Beowulf myths as dashing warriors and gruesome monsters.

In music, we spent some time exploring rock music and discussed the different features of a Hindu Mandir. In art we have been adding some whimsy to our sketches of the Angel of the North and in Geography we have been learning about some of the famous landmarks in Newcastle City.

To top it all off, a new programme has come to Byker Primary School - Commando Joe's! It's a fantastic opportunity to work on teamwork, resilience and problem solving. This week we had to cross the amazon river which was full of snakes and crocodiles!!! It was terrifying, but luckily no one lost any limbs.


Week 2 - 12th - 16th September 2022


Another fabulous week in Class 5.14 this week with lots of fantastic hard work seen by all.


In maths we have been looking at sorting, ordering and rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and we have been incredibly impressed with some of the rhymes and other techniques the children have remembered in order to help them with these key skills.


In English we have been reading and writing more of our Beowulf myth, focusing on some fantastic, new descriptive vocabulary and making sure we understand it with some definition work - we have been thrilled to see these adventurous adjectives being used in our writing too!


In our topic, we have discovered MRS GREN and the important signs of life as well as continuing to learn about the Anglo Saxons in History. In art we have been sketching the Angel of the North and learning more in depth about christianity. 


We can't wait to see what next week will bring!

Week 1 - 6th - 9th September 2022


It has been wonderful to be back in school this week and we have been thrilled to see everyone back and raring to go!

We've jumped straight into maths this week, learning about tenths in both decimal and fraction form. Counting up and down in tenths as well as adding and comparing tenths. 

We have also started reading our new book for this half term - Beowulf by Rob Lloyd Jones - and have begun to write our own, improved version of the story to submit for a competition. We wrote the opening today and we have been very impressed with some of the fantastic language being used in Year 5!

It has been an introduction to a lot of different topics in the afternoons, including some fantastic patterns in art and learning all about the geography of the UK. After the sad news this week of the passing of her Majesty, we have learned what actually happens when there is a new monarch and have written some messages of condolence to the Royal family at this sad time. 


We are all looking forward to next week and more exciting learning to come!