Byker Primary School


Hello again, I hope that you enjoyed yesterdays activities! Here we have another couple of tasks for you laugh During the half term I dedicated some time to work on our front garden. Here are the before and after photos - what do you think? yesnoblush


Today you have another Harry Potter reading activity, so get your books out! These questions are based on The Keeper of the Keys (pages 50-51 only).


Top Tips

  • Before you start.. READ THE TEXT! You cannot answer questions when you haven't read the information.
  • Remember to scan the text to retrieve information.
  • Remember to read the full questions CAREFULLY! If a question says give evidence, you need to find a phrase/sentence/bit of speech that backs up what you are saying in your answer

Maths task


Here we have another set of Mental Maths questions for you to have a go at! I have left some hints and tips to help you. Good lucklaugh