Byker Primary School


Hello again Year 4! We hope you enjoyed yesterday's work. Did any of you manage to read the report about seahorses being found? We thought it was amazing. Next time we go to the beach, we are going to keep our eyes peeled. You never know what you might find.


Here are today's tasks:

1. Mark your Mental Maths (10 - 15 minutes)

2. Mark your RIC (10 minutes)

3. Mark your writing task (5 minutes)


4. Today's Mental Maths (20 - 25 minutes)

5. Writing Task - you will write a persuasive television advert for the shoe shop. If this is a bit tricky, you could design a poster for the shop. (25 minutes)

6. Reading (10 minutes) 


Well done. You are doing such a good job!
Keep smiling!

Mrs Barnes, Mr Goldsborough and Ms Jarvis