Byker Primary School


Hey Year 5, Mr Thacker here again! Are we ready for another week of activities? Let's hope so! I hope that you are all keeping well, I am starting to feel like things are starting to return to normal and we are getting closer and closer to coming back to school! Last weekend Rachel and I made these clay rainbows, we have sent them to some of our families blush 


Below you will find your Maths and English activities, remember these should each take you no longer than an hour and they are optional smiley



I have been busy making some new reading activities for Harry Potter, as I know most of us managed to take it home before we left school. But don't worry if you haven't got it, I have attached the pages too. So this week, you will have a few of these activities to do, as well as some poetry too.

Top Tips

  • Before you start.. READ THE TEXT! You cannot answer questions when you haven't read the information.
  • Remember to scan the text to retrieve information.
  • Remember to read the full questions CAREFULLY! If a question says give evidence, you need to find a phrase/sentence/bit of speech that backs up what you are saying in your answer. 

Maths task


This week we will be doing a variety of Mental Maths activities, similar to the ones we do in school. We have covered all the questions at some point during Year 5. We have left an guidance page to help you blush