Byker Primary School


Welcome back to Year 4's class page. Did you have a good weekend? We can't believe that this is our ninth week of online learning!! We can't wait to see you all and any work that you have managed to do.


Every Monday, we thought we would give you some happy news or tell you something interesting we found out.


Today's interesting fact: did you know that since lockdown, endangered seahorses have been spotted in British waters? You could read this article for your reading activity if you wanted?


Here are today's tasks. We know we don't need to say this, but only do what you can. If you are struggling, just do a little bit of reading or practise you times tables. Whatever you do, have fun!

1. Reading. Read anything you can get your hands on that interests you. Maybe its a report about a new game you want to play or a new television programme that is going to start, a comic, magazine or book. ( 10 minutes)

2. Mental Maths. Only do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder. (25 minutes - Mental Maths 2 might take a bit longer as the Tricky Question takes a bit of thinking!!)

3. RIC activity. Watch a lovely story about a shoemaker. (15 minutes)

4. Writing Task- decide if the sentences are questions, statements or commands. (15 minutes)


Stay safe and keep smiling!

Ms Jarvis, Mr Goldsboroogh and Mrs Barnes.