Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 4,


It's Wednesday and we have yet more lovely activities for you to complete!  


Did you know ...Ms Jarvis is really enjoying finding video clips to use in our English activities?  It feels a little bit like having a class text that we share and base our learning on.  We hope you like using them too!  This weeks was a little eerie. Can you imagine someone creeping into your bedroom to deliver your dreams?  It made us wonder what sort of dreams you guys have and what sort you love the most.  Some people don't seem to remember their dreams but other people can remember them vividly.  Some people say that dreams have meanings too!  How fascinating!


In maths today, you will be looking at negative numbers.  This is something that we covered in the autumn term, so don't worry if you feel a little rusty!  We have added the answers onto tomorrows page and there is a number line to help you.


We hope you a have a nice day and the sun is still shining!  All we ask is you try your best with the activities, but if they are too tricky don't worry.  You could invent your own task to do instead.  Remember, if you would like us to see your work, you can ask an adult to post it on the Byker Books face book page or email it  It has been lovely reading the work sent in so far!


1. Mark yesterdays mental maths (5 minutes)

2. Complete one maths activity (activity two is a little more tricky) (30 minutes)

3. Read something from purple mash or a book or magazine from home. (15 minutes)

4. Writing Activity - If I were a Dream-Giver...

5. TT Rockstars, purple mash or Hit the button (15 minutes) 

6. If you are feeling creative, you could draw a picture of the dreams you would give out.


Take care and stay safe!


Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and Mr Goldsbrough