Byker Primary School


Bonjour Year 1!  


How are we all feeling today?

Did anyone have a go at the Makaton yesterday?


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- You are helping Disney to create a storyboard for a new movie for "Jack and the Beanstalk." If you want to you can send your finished storyboard to the Byker books Facebook page for us to see.

2)Numeracy- Looking at missing numbers and counting in 2's.

3)Phonics- Our Phase 5 sound today is 'oy'.

4) You could choose something you want to do this could be reading a book, Oxford Reading Tree have some free resources of their website or doing one of Mr. Danquah's P.E challenges. We need to remember to keep active.


yesRemember you only need to do what you can, have a go, and see how far you get. If you are doing exciting things at home that's great too.yes


Speak to you tomorrow,

Year 1 Team smiley