Byker Primary School


Hello again Year 5! We hope that you had fun completing Monday's activities! Are you keeping busy during the evenings? To keep us busy in our house, we've been watching so many Disney films, especially Mulan! In fact, we've watched it so many times that Rachel and I recreated a small part of it in the video below!  laugh


Remember not to spend any longer than an hour completing our activities, good luck! 


Still image for this video


Today we are focusing on long multiplication again, but this time we are multiplying a 3 digit numbers by 2 digit number, which has another step. So, I have posted a video down below of me explaining the method of multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number. Good luck! I know some of you love long multiplication and I know you families will be so impressed when they see you answer these challenging questions! Please do not spend more than 1 hour on this task. smiley

English task


Now you have reminded yourself on how to write instructions, can you write a set of instructions on how to defeat Draco Malfoy in a wizdards duel? 

I have left a video link in the document below to help you! cool