Byker Primary School


Lovely to see you all again using the website. We hope you managed to get some of the activities done. Did you enjoy the video of the Dreamgiver? We thought it was a lovely story and wanted to share it with you.


There is some more exciting news. Mr Richards has put a page on for his drummers. I know some of you have had drumming lessons with Mr Richards, so it might be nice to check out his page too.


Here are today's tasks. Just do what you can. We really hope you are enjoying the tasks! Well done everyone. You are doing so well. We can't wait to see any work that you have done once we get back to school. In the meantime, have a go at the tasks below.


Have fun, be safe and be kind.

Keep smiling!

Mr Goldsborough, Mrs Barnes and Ms Jarvis


1. Mark your Mental Maths. Don't worry if you get any wrong. Have a look at the answers and see if you can work how you went wrong. (10 minutes)

2. Mark your RIC activity. (5- 10 minutes)

3. Mark your writing activity. Check you used the right word in the sentences. (5 minutes)

4. Reading from a book, magazine or eBook from Purple Mash.  If you have a younger brother or sister, you could read a story to them. (10 minutes)

5. Mental Maths. Only do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder. (20- 25 minutes)

6. Writing task. You will love doing this, we hope. You are going to pretend to be a reporter for the News and write a report about the Dreamgiver. (25 minutes)


As always all the instructions that you need will be on the sheets. Keep up your amazing work!