Byker Primary School


Hola Year 1!


We hope you all had a great weekend! Miss Henderson read lots of her new book and baked some cinnamon rolls, what did you do?

We have lots of fun activities planned for this week that we hope you will love. Alongside the Glee club, Mr Thacker has added a start for Byker Brothers with all of you favourite classic songs that they have done for you to try at home (how cool is that!).


This week we have a theme for our lessons can you work it out what it might be?


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- We are finishing our retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk today by writing the end to our story. Do you think you could create your own ending?

2)Numeracy-Let's go on a number hunt! we are looking at place value.

3)Phonics-High Frequency words.

4)It's Makaton Monday! This week we are going to focus on our emotions (this will link to a lesson on Wednesday). 


Have a good day and remember these are just a guideline of what you can do. Choose to do as much or as little as you like, we know you always try your very best.


Speak to you tomorrow,

Year 1 teamsmiley