Byker Primary School


Ciao, ahlan, ola, witaj, ahoj, bonjour, hola and hello to all of Year 4!


While we've been self isolating, we have been learning how to say hello in some different languages. So many of you can speak two or even more languages fluently, we thought the least we could do is learn to say hello. Apologies if there are any mistakes, but we are just beginners!


Byker Brothers Alert: Mr Thacker, Mr Danquah and Mr Richards have uploaded their own page. It can be found next to the class pages. Get practising boys! We can't wait to hear you when we get back to school. In the meantime, you can have a go with your families.


How have you spent your weekend? I hope you have managed to get out a bit and have some fun. 


Here are today's tasks. When you download them, some activities will be on two pages, so don't forget to check. You know the drill: only do what you can. Don't get cross or upset with an activity. Just leave it and come back to it later. If you are still struggling, don't do it. It is more important to us that you  are happy and safe. 


You can always do some extra time on TT Rockstars to keep up your times tables knowledge.


Be kind, stay safe and tune in tomorrow.

Keep Smiling.

Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsborough



1. Reading from a book, magazine or an eBook from Purple Mash. ( 10 minutes)

2. Mental Maths. Only do one of them. Mental maths 2 is slightly harder. (25 minutes)

3. RIC activity. You'll love the video clip we have chosen. (15 minutes)

4. Writing activity. Writing sentences in the past tense. Try and remember to do neatly joined up writing. (20 minutes)