Byker Primary School


Good Morning Year 4,


We have been so lucky with the weather these past few months.  Lots of people enjoying long walks, BBQ's, days in the paddling pool and of course ice lolly pops.  We hope the rain doesn't stick around for too long! Did you know some people find the sound of rain relaxing and others love to splay in the puddles.  Do you like the rain?  We have included a poem about rain, which we love!  Perhaps you could write or find a poem about the weather that you like. 




This poem reminds us about being grateful for what we have.  In these strange times, we have had time to think about the little things we are grateful for.  What do you feel grateful for?  Perhaps it's having books to read, family to cuddle, a garden to sit in or a pet to spend time with.  All these little things help us to enjoy life and feel happiness.


Today's tasks include:


1.   Mark Mental maths (10 minutes)

2.   Complete 1 mental maths task.  As usual task 2 is slightly 

      more tricky. (20 minutes)

3.   Re-watch the film clip and explore the Two Bandits point of

      view.  (40 minutes)

4. Create a piece of rain art.  You can use pens, pencils, crayons

     or even junk materials to express how you feel about the rain.

5.  Times Table Rock Start or Purple Mash (15 minutes)

6.  Read something of your own choice, or learn the rain poem. 

     Perhaps you could create actions and create a performance. 

     Think about the voices you could use for each verse.  can you

     make your family giggle?


Remember it's up to you how much or how little you manage to complete today.  You might be feeling super charged and challenge yourself to complete all 6 activities.  But you might be feeling blue so you complete one or two.  Don't worry because we all have good and bad days.  Your happiness is our number one priority!!!!!!!!!  


Stay safe! Keep smiling!


Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and Mr Goldsbrough