Byker Primary School


Hey everybody!smiley Well done if you have completed some or all of the tasks this week! You have shown how motivated and independent you can be and we are very proud of you!  As it is Friday today and the next two weeks are the Easter holidays, we will upload your school next work in the SUMMER 1 (back on the crayon page) and the file inside will be called 20/4/20.

HOWEVER, by Monday we will have added some activities you can do at home during the holidays. All you need to do is go back to the page with the flowers and click on the picture of the chick that says 'Easter Holidays.' Here you will find some nice activities/projects you can do with your family members or independently. If you would still like to go on Maths Prodigy and Purple Mash in this time please do! Your parents can even take some pictures of the your activities and send them to the Byker Books facebook so we can see what you have been up to!

Stay safe and keep busy!
Miss Ruffman and Mr Thackersmiley

Your work for today is below...




In the file below, you will find two pages from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (274 -275). This is the chapter where Harry and his friends are completing their detention in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid and Malfoy... until they meet someone or something very sinister.....
You may remember reading this in class.


Read the two pages of text carefully and answer the questions as best you cansmiley. If you have the book at home with you, you may find it easier to have the actual book in front of you and the questions on the screen.


Please spend no more than 45 minutes on this activity. Good luck!

Today you have a Mental Maths activity (like we do at school in the morning). We have included a range of different questions for you to have a go at. On the second page of the document is a page of hints and tips for each question - just in case you have forgotten the method and need a little reminder. Please do not spend more than 40 minutes on this activitysmiley.