Byker Primary School


Tuesday 30.03.20 -  Work out time (2)


Afternoon everyone!!

Hope you all are safe and well!

How did you find yesterday's lesson?! Did you beat me at every challenge?!

Have you been doing your other subjects at home?!

Guess what.. it's time to blow of some steam!!!!


Today's lesson looks like this!


Learning outcome : Being able to complete 2 workouts 


Warm up:


  • Byker Primary workout (1)

Link : 



  • Byker Primary workout (2

Link :



  1. Can you get your parents/sibling to join in with today's lesson
  2. Try and beat Mr Danquah in every workout (including the warm up challenges


Of course don't forget to have lots of fun!!!!

See you all at 1pm.


Mr Danquah