Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 3,

It's the second week of working from home and we miss you! We hope that you are enjoying the activities we are leaving for you to try in your red books. Remember, do what you can but don't worry. If it's tricky leave it out like we would at school.


Mr Danquah is posting PE activities to get you moving. You can find them in Class Pages, PE.

You really do feel better after some exercise. Have your drinks bottle at the ready! It's thirsty work!


Please try to read for 10 minutes each day with a grown up if you can. 

You can either

yesRead a book from Purplemash (Find our school, login and go to Serial Mash. Then, try any book from Diamonds (Easier) or Emeralds (Harder) 

yesVisit Phonics Play and click on the red link to phonicsplaycomics. You can read lots of fun comic books. 

yesRead a book of your own choice (You could re read one of our class books that we sent home)


Have fun Year 3 and please come back tomorrow!

Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn wink