Byker Primary School


Hello again!

We are so pleased that you joined us for today’s activities. As always, only do what you can and make sure you take breaks. You could have a go at doing some exercise with Mr Danaquah on his Class Page – we’ve been having a go too! Last week, we suggested that some children  draw colourful rainbows and stick them in their windows to make, people, who are still working and pass your homes, happy. Why not draw something else colourful? Maybe a flower, or your own flag, a butterfly, something that will make people happy when they see it.

You are all doing an amazing job. We couldn't be prouder.

Keep smiling.

Mr Goldsborough, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnessmiley

Here are some activities that you can have a go at today. Remember the times we set are only a guide for you. If you are struggling with an activity, just stop, take break and try something else when you are ready.

1. Mark your mental maths from yesterday. (5 minutes)

2. Choose one mental maths to complete (25 minutes)

3. Choose some reading to do, either a magazine, book or ebook. (10 minutes)

4. Stitch Head reading activity (20 minutes)



If you have any time left or would like something different to do, you can always log on to Purple Mash. There's lots to choose from there.