Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception!


I hope you all had a good day yesterday and enjoyed any activities you were able to do.  


As well as keeping fit with Mr Danquah and Joe Wicks, I have copied a link to 'Superman'.  I know how much we all love following the actions to this song. laugh


I have also attached phonics and maths activities for you to enjoy, and if you scroll down to Miss Bells daily message, you will find a rainbow art activity too.


Hope you all have a great day.  This week feels very strange, I'm really missing seeing you all, but it makes me feel better knowing I can send you fun activities to do with your family and read stories to you.  Hope you're enjoying these, my voice sounds a little strange to me, but Amy's enjoyed listening to these and I hope you have too.


Take care and be safe.


Mrs Smith.

Happy Tuesday Reception!


I hope week 2 of 'school at home' has got off to a good start and you enjoyed yesterdays activities. Today is day 2 so I thought we would carry on the shape theme. I have attached a very fun and active 3D shape hunt which I am sure you will all enjoy doing. There is also a Phonics activity attached, but remember, complete only if you wish. 


I really hope you have all had the opportunity to look at the social media pages I mentioned yesterday, they really are fantastic. Joe Wicks also has a fantastic live PE session every day on YouTube at 9am, that is how I have been starting my day since we have not been at school. It really does set you up for your day ahead, parents, make sure to join in laugh.


I am really missing you all Reception, hope you are all okay and managing with these changes as best you can. 

As always my superstars, keep shining and most importantly, keep smiling!

Miss Bellsmiley

Hi Reception!


Below I have attached an Art work idea which I think both my class & Mrs Smith's class will enjoy doing. 

It is based around the 'Rainbow' trail to thank all of our key workers and every one who is helping keep us safe in these uncertain times. 

I think I can speak on behalf of both myself and Mrs Smith that when we are out on our daily exercise, seeing this displayed really helps brighten our mood and puts smiles on our faces. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy crafting Reception!