Byker Primary School


Good morning Nursery! We hope you are all well. This is all very strange, and we are missing seeing your smiley faces while we sing our good morning song finding out how you all are. But why not have a go at teaching your family our hello song and show them the Makaton signs we use alongside it. We cannot wait to sing it with you when we are back and see your happy faces. Today we would usually have PE with Mr Danquah, why not check out his fun and active videos to get your body moving.

We hope you enjoyed making gloop yesterday and getting messy. If you cover it this should last a few days so you can continue having endless fun with it. Today you may choose to go on our minibeast hunt in your outdoor space. We hope the sun comes out for you and you enjoy getting some fresh air. We have attached some more activities you may wish to have a go at. Try your best like you always do.

We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun and laughs. Keep smiling, stay safe and enjoy your time with your family.

Miss Henderson, Mrs Bulford and Mrs Richards.