Byker Primary School


Hello everyone! laugh


We hope you are getting on ok with the tasks we have given you, remember your adults can take pictures and send them into Mrs Pace on the Byker Books facebook page - if you would like everyone to see how hard you have been working!


Also, Mrs Barnes has asked us to tell you that she has created a new star, which is called Glee Club, on the main page for Class Pages. In there, you will find the song lyrics to lots of amazing songs, which you might like to practise with your family.


Today, we are focusing on the short multiplication method. We know this is something you are comfortable with, but it is always good to have a practise, especially as we will be recapping long multiplication next week. Good luck! Please do not spend longer than 45 mins on this activity..smiley

English task


All about Penguins! Read through this information carefully and answer the questions all about different types of Penguins. Good luck smiley