Byker Primary School


Good morning, hoping everyone is okay, and that you're enjoying your week so far.


What has happened to the weather.  Amy and I had to wear our winter coats when we took Milo out on her walk today, brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Today for topic I have uploaded 2 songs for both classes to learn  (click on the links below).  We would have learned these during our music time, had we been at school.  We could have explored instruments to replicate the sounds a caterpillar might make as it pops out of its egg, or munched on a nice juicy, green leaf or even a beautiful, delicate, fluttering butterfly flying from flower to flower drinking nectar.  I feel quite disappointed now sad .... enlightened.... laugh!!


I know what ... if you have some musical instruments at home why don't you use those when singing the songs!  Or even better, you could scrunch paper, tap on pots, pans and different surfaces inside or out, or pour different levels of water in a couple of glasses and tap lightly on the side with a spoon to make sounds.  Do you think some of these might sound like a caterpillar or butterfly?  I do!!! (The Butterfly Song) (There's a tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf)


Below I have also attached activities to support maths and phonics, which I hope you'll enjoy. You will also see Web links to rhyming stories that you can listen to and might help you with your rhyming task.  I've read 'Oi Frog' lots of times and it always makes us laugh! (Rhyme Crime) (Oi Frog!)  


Wishing you all a great day.  The weather is going to be the same as yesterday, however, there is nothing like a breezy Spring day to blow away any cobwebs you might have hiding, so enjoy!


Mrs Smith.

Good Morning everyone!

WOW, not only is it nearly the end of the week, but it is also the last day in April!!! What month comes after April?

What a difference a day makes with the weather, typical British weather. We have gone from blazing sunshine to dull, rainy daysno. Hopefully Mr Sunshine comes back soon. The rainy days makes me miss you all even more because your gorgeous smiley faces always bring such joy when the days are dull!


I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the tasks so far. I can't wait to see how you have all been getting on. 


Today is Thursday which means PE day for us. To start off our day I would like you all to do our wakeup shakeup (you should all be familiar with todays choice)

followed by Mr Danquahs PE channel with a special guest today!

I have also added a little extra task for a bit of fun. We all know how much I love a story, so see if you can work out my favourite stories which I have made using only emojis. I will put the answers up on Monday, I wonder if anyone can get 11 out of 11. 


I have also uploaded day 4 of our English task aswell as some more Pattern work for Maths.


Speak to you tomorrow boys and girls. Don't forget to keep smiling!!!!

Miss Belllaugh