Byker Primary School


Today is Thursday and we are sending you love and well wishes from all of the staff in Playgroup. 

We hope you enjoyed building your dens yesterday. Was it fun? Did your teddies and toys enjoy it to? We have a small den making activity coming soon just for them, so remember to keep your empty cardboard boxes as you may find them useful.

It's been sunny most of the time and we hope you've been able to enjoy some time outdoors. Even in the rain yesterday we are sure you still enjoyed going out. In playgroup you all used to love going splashing in the rain.

Today we have a physical activity which your family can join in with, it's to help keep you all active. We also have a trophy and medal making activity so you can award yourselves for all of your hard work after you have completed your activities. Our very own PE teacher Mr Danquah is continuing with his online daily workouts too which you can access from this site.

Happy trophy making!

We will talk to you all tomorrow.

The Playgroup staff.