Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 4! We hope you have had a good weekend. We are now into week two of learning from home and hope that you are managing with this OK. Like we always say, the work here is for you if and when you want to do it. There is absolutely no pressure. Please just do what you want and try to have fun. We have been thinking of you all and hope you are all happy.

Remember to take breaks and do not spend longer than you want to on each activity. We have given you a rough idea of how each activity might take, but if you are becoming frustrated or its taking too long, stop and have a break. Then try something new.


Keep smiling. We are with you through all of this.smiley

Ms Jarvis, Mr Goldsborough and Mrs Barnes

Here are the activities you can choose from today:

1. Marking Friday's Mental Maths (5 minutes).

2. Reading anything you like - magazine, book, ebook from Purple Mash. (10 minutes)

3. Today's Mental Maths. Remember you only need to do one of them. Mental Maths 2 is a bit more challenging. (25 minutes)

4. Stitch Head reading activity (20 minutes)

5. Speech Marks activity (20 minutes)


Just to remind you, Mr Danaquah has got his own page for when you want some exercise.


Also, if any adult in your house has Facebook, there is a new page especially for Byker Primary School. Rumour has it that famous authors have left comments! 


While you are learning from home, Amazon are letting you listen to books for free. Why not try another Stitch Head or Goosebumps book if you liked reading them with us? Or you could go wild and try something new! 

If you want some extra activities to have a go at, Mr Goldsborough and Mr Thacker have set up an Instagram account. Feel free to send us work and take part in the activities we set. Ask parents to follow @the.edunation on Instagram. Hope to see you there!