Byker Primary School


Happy Monday Year 2,


Another week of cyber school is starting, which means 5 more days of activities to try your best at!

Don't worry if you don't get them all done or are struggling with some of the activities, just do what you can and try your best!


We know it's getting a little bit harder being in the house all day (we are feeling it too) so it is really important that you are taking time to have lots of fun, be creative and spend time with your family!


Mr Danquah is uploading videos everyday that you can join in with to keep your body moving!

Joe Wicks (The bodycoach) is also doing daily workouts at 9am, which Mrs Brice has been doing and is feeling very fit and healthy!!


Hope you have an awesome day and we can't wait to see all your smiling faces again!


Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Cook smiley