Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone!  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend?  It's been a little cold and breezy by the sea, but Amy and I took Milo for a walk each day for our daily exercise, and blew away the cobwebs.


I've copied a link for you to sing our 'Days of the Week' song.  Remember to look out of the window to see what the weather is doing today.


I wonder if you can try answering these questions ...


1.   Yesterday was Sunday, what day is it today?

2.   If yesterday was day 29, what day is it today? 

3.   Can you remember the month? We've had January, February and now it's ...


If you can, don't forget to tune in to our very own Mr Danquah and/or Joe Wicks.  I'm going to join in the fun, and I hope you can too.


Below you will also see maths and phonics activities for you to try.  Don't worry if you don't get all of these done.  Take your time and have fun.


Wishing you all a great day!


Mrs Smith.



Good Morning Reception and Happy Monday!


Well wasn't that a strange weekend? and believe me, it's another strange Monday morning! Usually I would be in school setting up our classroom with lot's of fun activities in preparation to teach you for the week! However, unfortunately that is not possible at the minute, but I want you all to know I am SUPER proud of every single one of you. Even though I am not seeing you every day, I am constantly thinking about you. I honestly can not wait to be greeted every morning with your big, smiley, happy faces again and to hear all about what you have been up too! 


Again, the same as last week, I will be uploading lot's of activities every day for you to complete at home. I would just like to remind everyone, these activities are completely voluntary and you do not have to complete them. The main thing in these uncertain times is that you spend time with your family and loved ones, have fun and most importantly stay safe!!!


Just before I go, I would just like to mention a couple of pages some of our teaching staff have set up as added support throughout the next few weeks. (Parents, you will need to use social media to access these if you have it). 

The first one is: 

the.edunation on Instagram which is run by our very own Mr. Thacker and Mr. Goldsbrough.


The second one is:

Byker Books on Facebook which is run by our very own Mrs. Pace. 

There have already been some wonderful stories read by staff at Byker Primary on this page so it is definitely worth a look. Who knows, it might be my turn next?


And last but not least, Mr. Danquahs YouTube channel which I have previously mentioned. A fantastic source of Physical Education which I highly recommend!


Mrs Smith has also uploaded some stories on YouTube, you can access these via links on previous pages! Again, definitely worth a visit. 


So that's it from me today Reception. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. 

Remember, stay safe, but most importantly, keep smiling!

Miss Bell laugh