Byker Primary School


Hello, Year 1 it's a wonderful Wednesday!


We just want to take the time to say we are very proud of you all, we have seen some of the work you have been doing on the 'Byker Book' Facebook page and it has made us all very happy.


We hope that you are having fun at home and keeping occupied, Miss Henderson has been reading lots of books when she isn't planning your fun activities! What have you all been doing?


Today's activities:

1)Literacy- We are going to write a character description for the Giant and Jack from our story.

2)Numeracy- We are using tens frames to help with our addition.

3)Choose an activity you would like to do, this could be: reading a story with someone, trying out one of Mr. Danquah's P.E challenges, doing some phonics or drawing.


Speak to you all tomorrow,

Year 1 Teamsmiley