Byker Primary School


Hello Team 5!smiley

We have attached your tasks for today below - good luck!


So, for your task today you are focusing on multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000, which is the opposite to what you did yesterday.  Remember, when you divide, the number gets smaller because the digits have moved to the right.

If you divide by 10, the digits move 1 space, 100 = 2 spaces and 1000 = 3 spaces.
We probably shouldn't say 'when you divide by 10 you take off 1 zero and so on' as this doesn't always work, but if this helps you to remember how to answer these types of questions today when you are home, then I am sure that is fine!smiley For example: 650 divided by 10 = 65
Please do not spend more than 45 mins on this work.

English task


All of the supermarkets in the UK are searching for a brand new chocolate bar to sell in their shops - can you design and label a unique, special and delicious chocolate bar that is like no other? Good luck smiley