Byker Primary School


Good morning Playgroup children, families and friends.


We hope you are all safe and well and enjoyed your weekend.

Did you hear the thunder on Friday? Did you see the lightening? It was very bright. We have enjoyed a lot of sunshine over the last few weeks. The plants, trees and flowers were thirsty for rain so were probably very glad for the storm. You may notice how much greener the grass is now and how the flowers are in bloom, after a much needed drink.


It's Monday, and as we mentioned on Friday, we have an action-packed week ahead. We plan to travel through a real life safari park. It's called Longleat and this is home to a variety of wild animals. We wonder how many different animals you can count. There are so many and we think you will enjoy this week's activities as we discover more about some of them.

Follow this link to go on a virtual tour of Longleat.


Have fun!


Lots of love from all of the Playgroup staff.

Follow this link for Giraffes can't dance animation movie