Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception,


Hoping you had a good day yesterday and if you managed to do these, enjoyed our activities.


Today it is our PE slot with Mr Danquah, so you can join in his PE challenge that you will find on his PE star on the Byker Primary Website or you could follow the link below to gain access to a range of activities.


I also think we are ready to learn a new Wake Up Shake Up dance.  Following on from our butterfly theme I have found a Zumba dance for us to do to Little Mix's 'Wings'.  Amy, me and even Martin have done this and loved it!  So spread your wings my little butterflies, and get ready to join in!


Below are our usual phonic and maths activities for you to do throughout the day.


Have an awesome day everyone!  Only 2 more days left in April and then we will be in the month of ...?


Mrs Smith.

WOW! It is already the middle of the week, how fast has it gone?! 


Did you enjoy our wakeup shakeup yesterday? I most certainly did! Why not perfect your moves and practise it again this morning!


I wanted to remind you of some super useful pages to keep you entertained during these uncertain times. 

Joe Wicks - Youtube

Mr Danquahs Daily PE - Youtube

Byker Books - Facebook

Oxfordowl - Reading

Topmarks- Maths games

Phonicsplay- Phonics

These are all websites and videos which are easy accessible and extremely useful! Who said learning can't be fun? Have a go, explore and enjoy!


Your Maths and English for today is attached below. I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I do creating these activities for you. Remember, please don't stress about completing it, it is entirely up to you. 


Keep smiling my treasures! 

Miss Belllaugh