Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2, guess who? That’s right, it’s your Year 2 teachers again.


We hope you are all okay and are keeping safe by staying at home. We just know you will be because you are all superstars and such mature Year 2 pupils. That is just another reason why we miss you all so much.


Today is wonderful Wednesday. We hope you all enjoyed creating your plan for English yesterday by drawing little pictures and adding key words from the word mats. We’d love to see some of your plans on our ‘Byker Books’ Facebook page, if your parents or carers are able to upload them. Don’t worry if not, maybe you could keep them and show us when we’re back at school. We’d love to see your work when we can.    


Here are today’s tasks. All we ask is that you try your best, do what you can and don’t worry at all. As long as you are all safe, happy and healthy, these are the most important things to us.


Keep shining Year 2.


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook