Byker Primary School


Mental Maths.


Please click on your group colour and answer the following questions.laugh

Maths. Partitioning Numbers Recap.


Quick tip:


What is the place value of the 7?


2763  =    70


What is the place value of the 9?


94251  =     90,000

English. Room 13: Fliss' Dilemma.


At the Crow's Nest Hotel, Fliss thinks that she saw a number 13 suddenly appear on the cupboard door at midnight, but nobody else was awake. She also thought that she heard a whimpering noise coming from inside the room. Was she dreaming it, or did it really happen?


Complete the table below to decide whether Fliss should tell her best friend Lisa about it. Think of reasons for telling her and reasons for not telling her. Good luck!

Geography. The Course of a River.


Using the document below, label the course of a river using the correct vocabulary. 


Extension question:


Why are Rivers are so important? Think of as many different reasons as you can. Think about what they can provide for the area and the surrounding environment.