Byker Primary School


Good Morning everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday and enjoyed the work set for you in you completed it. 

What day is it today? Tell you adult!

To start our day this morning, I thought we could do one of our 'wake up shake ups'. I've chosen one of our favourites 'Listen and Move'. Make sure you get your adults involved too. I will be doing it at 9.30am after Joe Wicks PE!


The weather is meant to be lovely again today, so make sure you have plenty of fresh air, go on a walk and make the most of your outdoor space.


Below I have attached your Maths and English work for today. Remember, the English is a contunious piece of work for us to have a completed re-write by Friday!


Keep smiling boys and girls!

Miss Bell smiley

Good morning!


I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.  In the afternoon the weather was glorious by the beach, and Amy and I took our rollerskates to the promenade for a change.  Amy was fabulous, me ... not so much!


Today for topic I have attached a design and technology activity for both Reception classes.  I have also attached maths and phonics activities to keep you busy too.  I hope you enjoy 'Simon Say's' (link attached in maths PDF).  I haven't played this in years and had so much fun playing!


Wishing you all a fantastic day.  If the sun is shining tomorrow try to find some time to enjoy it.  I think the rain is on its way. sad


Mrs Smith