Byker Primary School


Good morning Playgroup children, families and friends and a happy Tuesday to you all.

We hope you are all safe and well.

Did you enjoy yesterday's activities and have fun making music at home with your musical instruments? We hope you did, Angela made up lots of songs and is keen to share these with you all the next time you are in school.

We are missing you all terribly in Playgroup and our school garden has been busy with wildlife while you've been away. Pepper the cat has enjoyed sunbathing on our slide with his friends. The birds have visited every morning to get their breakfast from our bird feeder we hung out for them. You can make a bird feeder for your garden today with our activity as we continue with our recycling theme. Follow this link to see a finished bird feeder.


We hope you are remembering to wash your hands often, counting to 10 then counting again. We will show you how you could make a number line showing numbers 1-10 using our painting activity today. You can then hang it on your bathroom wall to help you with your hand washing.

We wish you lots of fun doing our activities today and can wait to hear what you thought of them. Tomorrow one of our activities is called sink or swim. Can you guess what we will be doing? Find out tomorrow!

As always, stay safe, wash your hands regularly and stay cool.

From all of the Playgroup staff.