Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2, it’s Mrs Bradley again. laugh


Today is tremendous Tuesday. How did you get on with yesterday’s tasks? We hope you managed to try your best and do something, even if you managed to read for a little while. Did you enjoy Plop’s diary recount? We hope so. Who would have thought that you can change a story into a recount? Very clever stuff indeed!


Although it is very different from being at school, we want you to know that you are all doing such an amazing job doing your work, staying at home and keeping safe. We are so proud of you!


Here are today’s tasks. Remember Year 2, have a go and do what you can. If you’ve got brothers or sisters at home, it might be nice to encourage each other with your work. I have also uploaded the answers to yesterday's reading activity for English, which was your RIC questions. Maybe you could mark your work and give yourself a score, just like we do for spellings at school. 


Remember to be kind to your family and friends, stay safe at home and have fun. 


We miss you all lots and hope to see you all again very soon.


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook