Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 3 smiley


We hope that you are ready to get started on today's tasks and are enjoying the work we are sharing with you everyday. We are trying to make sure your Maths and English feels very similar to what you are used to seeing at school whilst ensuring that for now, you can complete this without us at home. We know that you will all be trying your very best and that is all we ever ask of you. Well that and a smile of course! wink


We hope that you have enjoyed some of the beautiful sunny weather but remembered to use lots of sun cream and wear a cap and sunglasses. Can you remember designing your own in Science during our light and dark topic? 


If the Maths and English tasks are a little tricky or you feel like attempting something different to keep you busy remember there are lots of other options.


  • Purple Mash (Here you will find Serial Mash and can enjoy reading a book/s of your choice. Diamonds are a little easier than Emeralds)
  • TTRockstars (Keep up your speedy recall of the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s and 10 times tables!)
  • Practising your times tables through the games we play in class (ask a family member to play along. You could pretend to be the teacher!)
  • Mr Danquah's PE sessions to get moving and feel great! (Found in the PE star on class pages)
  • The Glee star includes some songs to practise if you are missing Byker Beats or Byker Brothers! I'd love to hear your singing when we return to school.
  • Reading (A little each day will take you a long way! Practise makes perfect!) You are all super readers so please keep up the hard work and fantastic effort.
  • If you're feeling arty then why not make your own rainforest scene and add animals to it over the week whilst researching for English. You could ask an adult to take a photo and share this on our Facebook page 'Byker Books'. We would absolutely love to see any of the work you are doing at home and this is a fantastic way to share yours. 
  • You could also enjoy listening to one of the many stories read by the teachers whilst you post your brilliant work on the Byker Books page.


Have fun, try your best, keep smiling and stay safe!


Here is the catchy video we watched at school to remind you of the importance of washing your hands! Don't forget!


Missing you all,

Mrs Quinn and Miss McCowie wink

Following on from Maths on Friday we would like you to watch the video clip (above) to remind yourselves what a unit fraction and non unit fraction is but also to introduce a mixed fraction. You will learn more about these in Year 4. 

Then try the short highlighting activities. How did you get on?