Byker Primary School


Hello Year 2, it’s Mrs Bradley here. laugh


Welcome to our second week of summer term, as well as another week of super cyber school. We are getting really good at this now, but we do really miss you and hope it isn’t long before we see you all again.

I talked to the other teachers and asked them what they have been up to this weekend. Mrs Cook has had some energetic fun setting up a badminton net in her garden and playing a few games. Miss Mackay has been on some lovely, sunny walks and played an online quiz. Mrs Brice has been baking yummy bread and making an edible gingerbread house with her family. Finally, I’ve been spending lots of time in the garden with my family, enjoying the sun, having a delicious BBQ and planting some tulip bulbs. How was your weekend? What did you get up to? We hope you managed to get some fresh air and have some fun playing. Even though you’re not able to tell us right now, we are always thinking of what you might be getting up to.

Now that it is magnificent Monday again, here are your tasks for today. Like always, do what you can. If something is a little bit tricky, have a rest and come back to it. If you’re still struggling after that, just miss that one out. You could always do some extra reading or Mr Danquah’s exercises. You could even take a look at Mrs Barnes’ Glee page and rehearse some Glee Club songs. I would just love to hear what you’ve rehearsed when we get back to school.   
Stay safe Year 2, be kind to your family and friends and most of all, have fun. 


Speak to you again tomorrow.


Mrs Bradley, Miss Mackay, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook