Byker Primary School


Friday 27th March 2020 -  P.E Workout!!!


Afternoon everyone!!! 


Hope everyone is safe and well. Are you enjoying our Fundamental challenges and work outs?!

Because you have been working so hard this week, you can chose your favourite work out or challenges to do! 


If you want to challenge yourself let's see if you can do one workout and one challenge?


Pick from the following..... and don't forget to give it a like after so i know you have enjoyed the lesson! No thumbs down please :(


  • Byker Primary Physical Activity workout - part 1


  • Byker Primary Fundamental Challenge




  1. Can you get your parents/sibling to join in with today's lesson
  2. Try and beat Mr Danquah in every challenge and workout.
  3. Can you complete 2 sessions!


Main thing this afternoon is to have as much fun as possible!!!!!

I encourage you to carry on with our sessions/workouts over the weekend!


See you all soon again.


Mr Danquah