Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception!


Hope you're all okay and enjoyed our activities yesterday.  As always Amy and I will be getting ourselves set up for the day by tuning into Mr Danquah or Joe Wicks (links below), so please feel free to join us.


For those of you who enjoyed yesterday's story I have also created a link for another.  It made me feel so much better knowing that I could read to you, so I just had to do it again!  Hope you enjoy this story, it's one of my favourites. Miss Bell has also created a link and fantastic crib sheet with step by step instructions to enable you to access ebooks on the Oxford Owl website.  So take a look at Miss Bells note below for these.


I have also attached maths and phonics activities for you to enjoy.


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and will look forward to Monday.


Mrs Smith.



Happy Friday Reception!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the tasks I have been putting on. 

Today is Friday which means usually we would have Seven Stories in to read us a story. I am aiming to keep routine as school like as possible so thought today we could have a focus on Reading. I have attached a crib sheet for which will enable you to access LOT'S of free eBooks to read at home, all accessible on a tablet or smart phone. Of course, you can choose your favourite story book which you have at home (mine is Supertato, but we all know that) to read as well, you could even read it your adult!


I have uploaded a fun piece of Art for you to draw the people in your family. There are also some questions attached for you to answer, it would be fantastic if you could write them! 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend Reception. Stay safe and look after yourselves. I will be back on Monday continuing to put up fun activities to help keep you all occupied. 


As always, keep smiling!!

Miss Bell laugh