Byker Primary School


It's Friday!smiley We just wanted to say a huge well done if you have completed some of the daily tasks this week. We also hope you have had some time relaxing and spending time with your families too. Check back on Monday for your new workangel.

Your English task today is to first read the text in the document below carefully (2 pages from Harry Potter) and answer the questions. Think carefully about your answers and make sure you read the questions properly. If it says provide evidence.. you need to find a phrase or sentence and explain. If it says 'find and copy,' do exactly that.


The document below has the text attached, as well as the questions - but if you have your Harry Potter book at home, you might find it easier to have the book in front of you and the questions on the screensmiley.


Your Maths task today is mental maths  - just like we do at school! We have included a range of different questions (multiplying, dividing, perimeter, area, factors etc.) Good luck and think carefully about which methods to use!