Byker Primary School


It's Friday!! Well done Year 4, you have completed a whole week of learning from home. We are so proud of you. It has felt so strange not being with you to help you, but we know you will all be doing a fantastic job. As we always say, please don't worry about getting all of the activities completed. They are there to help you learn, not to stress you out.


Here are your activities for today:

1. Reading from Purple Mash or a book or magazine of your choice. (10 minutes)

2. Mark your mental maths from yesterday. (5 minutes)

3. One mental maths activity. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder than Mental Maths 1. (20 minutes)

4. Purple Mash Fractions. Log onto Purple Mash, click on maths - number-fractions. You then have two choices either Equivalent Fractions Quiz or Mixed and Improper Fractions. 

5.  Nouns and Pronouns activity. Don't worry we've reminded you what they are on the sheet! (20 minutes)

6. Stitch Head reading comprehension (20 minutes)

7.  Writing Activity (20 minutes)


Before we leave you for this week, we want to say have a great weekend and well done for sticking with home schooling. We know it will be tough at times, but we are going to be with you all of the way.

Stay safe Year 4 and see you on Monday, in your homes for some more fun.


Mrs Barnes, Mr Goldsborough and Ms Jarvis smiley