Byker Primary School


Happy Friday year 3!


Well done, you have completed your first full week of online school work. We hope you have had a fun week and produced some work that you are proud of. 


It's nearly the weekend, but don't worry, we will be back on Monday with more work for you to complete should you want to. Remember, you don't need to work through absolutely everything. It is totally up to you! We just hope you are all doing well and having fun. 


Today's tasks are: 

1. Mental maths (20 minutes) 

2. A writing activity for English (25 minutes)

3. PSHCE (15 minutes)

4. Reading from a book of your choice (10 minutes)

5. Practise your times tables on TT Rockstars (10 minutes)

6. Don't forgot online PE with Mr Daquah!


Here is a link to Mr Danquah's YouTube channel:



Have a lovely weekend everybody, stay safe.


Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn 

Exciting news Year 3!


This morning, Chester Zoo have shared that they are going to be doing virtual tours so that you can watch the many animals throughout the day! You can see them using the Chester Zoo Facebook page. It all begins at 10 o'clock. 


10 o'clock    Red pandas

11 o'clock    Giraffes

12 o'clock    Elephants

1 o'clock      Butterflies

2 o'clock      Sun bears

Half past 2  Tigers

Quarter to 3 Penguins

4 o'clock      Aquarium (sea life)

I will be checking in to watch the elephants!


Try to remember what we learnt about animal skeletons in science. Which animal has an endo, exo or hydrostatic skeleton?


We will be learning about animals living in the Amazon rainforest soon. Perhaps you will spot some today as clever geographers!