Byker Primary School


Morning team!smiley Here are your tasks for today...


Today we would love it if you could practise your times tables, as they are SO important and come into so many different area of Maths. Choose a times table which you feel you really need to practise - I know a lot of you love the 9's, but why not try a different one that you find tricky?yes


Here are some ways you could practise:

  • Chant your chosen times table
  • Play Hit the Button on an Ipad, tablet, Ipad, computer or phone (there is an app you can download) or just type it into google (free)!
  • Ask a family member to give you a little quiz in your work book - how fast can you complete it?
  • Play Knock Out with all of your family members - be the expert and teach them all of our rules!
  • Make times table posters for around the house - this will help you get them in your head!


Hello again! Below you will find your resolution writing task. This is final part of your story so try to create lots of suspense and drama - good luck! smiley