Byker Primary School


Set yourself a 10 minute timer and see how many of these times tables questions you can get right! You will be able to check your answers on the answer page, no peeking!laugh 

Maths. Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


Quick tip:


1236 to the nearest 10 is   1240.


1236 to the nearest 100 is   1200.


1236 to the nearest 1000 is   1000.


blush Good luck!

English. Room 13 Chapter 6 Questions. 


Click on the document below, carefully read the two pages and answer the following questions. wink

Art. Sketching the Angel of the North.


Thinking about the shading, texture and patterns that we did last week, can you now try sketching the famous Angel of the North.

I have left images in the document below to help you. yes


Have a lovely weekend Year 5!