Byker Primary School


Hello Year 4. Just a quick message to say that we're missing you all very much. I am sure the feeling is mutual! We have got some more activities for you to work through, so feel free to give them a go. Remember, all we ask is you try your best, so do not stress if you have to miss a few questions, or even an activity. Here are today's activities:


1. Mental Maths. There are two. Mental Maths 1 and 2. No.2 is more of a challenge, so good luck! Remember, you only need to do one. (20 minutes)

2. A writing activity about Stitch Head (25 minutes)

3. Reading from Purple Mash or a book or magazine of your choice. (10 minutes)

4. Online PE with Mr Danquah!

5. Times table practice on TT Rockstars.


Please don't worry if you don't get everything done. Do what you can. Have breaks and have fun! 


Keep smiling!!

Mr Goldsborough, Mrs Barnes and Ms Jarvis.

Make sure to stay active too! It's just as important to excercise your body, as well as your mind. Here is a link to the now famous Mr Danquah's YouTube channel:


Keep a look out for new content, as Mr Danquah tries to be the next Joe Wicks. He would love you all to take part in one of his video PE lessons!