Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday year 3 laugh


Welcome back, we hope you are all doing well. We have uploaded the answers to yesterday's mental maths so you can get marking! We will upload these every day so you know how many you are getting right. 


We have some more bits and pieces for you to work through today, should you want to. Remember that this work is not compulsory, it is just here for those who want it. 

Just try your best and most importantly, have fun!


Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn heart 

If you fancy doing a bit of PE, check out Mr Danque’s Youtube channel to keep yourselves fit and healthy. 


Hello again Year 3,


We hope that you are managing some of the activities we have set but are also having fun and getting some fresh air and exercise on such a beautiful, sunny day. Stay safe and remember only leave the house once to exercise with an adult that lives with you.


If you have any art work or craft creations you could ask an adult to help post a picture of these on our Byker Books Facebook page and tell us which book or topic has inspired you. A picture of Aunt Sponge, Aunt Spiker, James or your own creature would be fantastic! Let your imagination run wild!


You could use your writing pencil and work at home book to do this. Some of the greatest artists and illustrators start with a pencil drawn sketch! 


Have fun!