Byker Primary School


Mental Maths.


Please click on the document that matches your group colour and answer the questions. smiley

Maths. Rounding to the Nearest 100. 


Quick tip:


1236 to the nearest 100 is   1200.


1764 to the nearest 100 is   1800


5 and above give it a shove, 4 and below keep it low! 

English. Room 13. 


Today we are continuing with our story of Room 13. We are now ready to write the build up. 


Imagine that you are Fliss and you have just arrived at The Crows Nest Hotel. You are told to go and unpack your cases in your room along with your room mates. What is your room like? Can you describe the area? How are you feeling?

Remember to use I as you are Fliss!


Below you will find my example along with a helpful word bank, good luck! laugh

PSHCE. My New Term Resolutions. 


Can you think of three new term targets that you would like to achieve in Year 5 and write down how you are going to achieve them!