Byker Primary School


It's Friday! We hope that you all have had fun completing our activities, here we have your last day of tasks before the weekend smiley

I said I would give you the two challenge answers from yesterday's work..well done if you give them a go - they were tricky! Below this is your task for today.


Beth and Mabel share £410 between them.

Beth received £100 more than Mabel. How much did Mabel receive?

So Beth would receive £255 and Mabel would receive £155.

I worked this out by doing... £410 divided by 2 = £205, I then added 50, which is half of the difference between them. I knew Beth had £255, which means that Mabel has £155. If I add the two amounts together, I have £410.


When Claire opened her book, she saw two numbered pages.

The sum of these two pages was 317.

What would the next page number be?

Ok, so if you think of a book, the pages are numbered in order.
 316 (as it is even) divided by 2 = 158.
So the two page numbers are 158 and 159 (They add up to 317).
This means the next page is.... 160!


TODAY'S MATHS TASK - 45 mins only


More multi-step problems to complete today. Remember - two calculations to complete the missing part of the number sentence e.g. add then take-away. For the two challenge questions, remember to read them very carefully. For the question about the different boxes, you will need to first work out half of 5000, as only half of the bag is used to fill the boxes. Good luck everyone!

English task


Design a poster on how chocolate is made.